Sometimes watching a movie turns into a personal alienation from the rest of the world. You may fall in love with the hero, have the same feelings of the characters, or even share their same hobbies. Similarly to a book, a movie can become a real friend.

Nevertheless, it happens that films end in such an unexpected, confusing way, that the audience needs to take a break for some minutes in order to understand the final denouement. And if understanding the movie ending seems to be impossible, this becomes soon an obsession.

Let’s try to explain here some movie endings that have been left unsolved by most of you!

P.S. This article contains spoilers!

Life of Pi

The Most Confusing Movie Endings Finally Explained: They Really Had a Good Insurance! Others

Everything was great in this movie: the visual effects, the location, the idea of a young boy sharing a boat with a tiger. At the end, he tells two stories based on Yann Martel’s book.

Apart from the story told in the movie, the other version depicts him eating ships in order to survive. However, the movie is suggesting that people can choose in which reality they want to live, without always trusting other people’s word.

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