This bride-to-be planned something a little different for her wedding day.

Instead of her vows, she read something aloud that produced stunned silence in the cathedral.

These revelations had one wedding guest dashing for the doorway.

Let’s take a look at the sensational events that turned this bride’s big day upside down.

The big day!

Jaw-dropping payback: Damages, divorce and retaliation in front of all the family! Others

A wedding day is meant to be an occasion that you will never forget. Ideally, it will be a magical fairy tale shared among those you hold to be dearest. However, this Australian bride remembers her special day for all the wrong reasons.
All names have been altered as the bride has requested to remain anonymous. The couple in question will, therefore, go by the alias of Alex for the groom and Casey as the long-suffering wife-to-be and protagonist of this amazing story.

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