The cramped ruins of Battleship Island mask a complex and sordid past.

It controversially became a UNESCO heritage site in 2015, drawing thousands of new visitors to explore this unusual world, reclaimed by nature.

Let’s explore the shadowy secrets of this abandoned archipelago, where civilization is left behind.

An island lost to time

Japan’s Forsaken Hashima Island: Travel Destination with a hidden past Others

Just 15 km from the bustling metropolis of Nagasaki, lies the eerily deserted island of Hashima. In the past, only journalists were permitted to enter with the approval of the local government.
However, since 2009, a select few tourists may enter with access granted just 100 days of the year. What awaits is a mysterious city frozen in time, changed greatly by the enveloping touch of nature. Hashima Island is rich with unique secrets to uncover…

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