Smuggling is a serious organized crime worth an enormous amount of money to the criminals tangled up in it.

However, eagle-eyed investigators in Shenzhen hit the gangs right where it hurts, their pockets.  They rumbled a suspicious shipping container passing through their jurisdiction.

The sheer scale of the haul would result in an international investigation that would cross borders and uncover an environmental danger that is a huge scoop!

False documents

International smugglers caught red-handed with disturbing cargo: damages, risk and lawyers involved Others

On November 29 2017,  customs officials operating in Shenzhen noticed something suspicious. Haulage documents indicated that a cargo-cabin was meant to be empty, although dockworkers had commented on its bulky tonnage when moving it.
This mega-city bordering on Hong Kong is a shipping mecca, leading many smugglers to try to sneak in contraband among the considerable traffic. Nonetheless, Dapeng customs officers were alert to the risk and decided to take a closer look…

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