In the early 20’s, Miss Universe was about to become the most popular beauty competition, whose goal was to promote a beauty ideal free of prejudices linked to people’s origins.

Several pageants show their beauty, talent, and charisma every year, walking the most famous catwalk in the world.

Beauty doesn’t change only according to countries: time is also involved in the evolution of beauty concept.

Let’s now discover how Miss Universe winners looked like the year of your birth!

Greece, 1964

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Corinna Tsopei won  Miss Universe 1964, paying homage to her origin country: Greece. Apart from being the first winner coming from Greece, she has been actively involved in social issues, such as poverty.

Thanks to her person, the Greek charm has become a beauty icon and it has been finally appreciated by the rest of the world. Elegance and sensitivity are the main aspects that characterize this stunning woman!

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