In 2014, one Imgur user by the name of Justin, created a post that was to warm hearts all over the world.

Justin was grief-stricken at his mother’s loss, so he searched through her things, hoping to find reminders of his parent.

As luck would have it, this heartbroken son stumbled across something that was to illuminate his mother’s vibrant personality in vivid detail.

Let’s take a look at what Justin discovered!

A tragic loss

Grieving son discovers 'keepsakes' belonging to mother: giving him a new insight into who she was before his birth Others

Justin’s family was ravaged by Huntington’s disease. This is a genetic condition which impedes movement while degenerating brain functioning and use of the nervous system.
Several members of his family were inflicted with this terrible disease, including Justin’s own mother. As he explains in his 2014 imgur post: “my mom started developing Huntington’s disease around the time I was born. So, I never really knew the person when she was healthy”.

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