The passing of a beloved small-screen character leaves a gaping hole in our lives.  After spending hours in their presence, laughing at their perfectly timed quips and witty one-liners, it feels like they are a familiar friend. Let’s take a nostalgic stroll through the pantheon of iconic TV deaths but beware, this article contains earth-shattering spoilers! 
The cramped ruins of Battleship Island mask a complex and sordid past. It controversially became a UNESCO heritage site in 2015, drawing thousands of new visitors to explore this unusual world, reclaimed by nature. Let’s explore the shadowy secrets of this abandoned archipelago, where civilization is left behind.
In 2014, one Imgur user by the name of Justin, created a post that was to warm hearts all over the world. Justin was grief-stricken at his mother’s loss, so he searched through her things, hoping to find reminders of his parent. As luck would have it, this heartbroken son stumbled across something that was to illuminate his mother’s vibrant personality in vivid detail. Let’s take a look at what Justin discovered!
Smuggling is a serious organized crime worth an enormous amount of money to the criminals tangled up in it. However, eagle-eyed investigators in Shenzhen hit the gangs right where it hurts, their pockets.  They rumbled a suspicious shipping container passing through their jurisdiction. The sheer scale of the haul would result in an international investigation that would cross borders and uncover an environmental danger that is a huge scoop!
Youth is a gift of Nature. Age is a work of Art. Some see old-age as a time to kick back and let yourself go. Not these elegant dressers. Let’s meet 20 fashionable older guys that put us to shame! Proving once and for all that the best music comes from the oldest violin.
Riots are more complex than mere criminality. Often, they are appeals to be heard when all else fails. Blood boiling and veins bulging, mobs ignite in a kind of contagious primal rage. Let’s look over these 20 astounding riots that shook nations to their very core.