10 Things To Avoid If You Want Your Bartender To Like You Select Special
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Everyone likes to think that the bar they go to is ‘their’ bar. You like to feel like that bar staff are your friends and that they know you so well they have your drinks order down, and know where you like to sit. They might even know you by name. However, in order to get into this inner sanctum of bar staff acceptance, we must first have been good customers. Below is a list of some of the things you should avoid doing if you want to become one of those sacred, fabeled, ‘regulars’ in your favourite bar.

Don’t Wave Your Money Around.

This does not get you noticed sooner. The bartender will have his or her own system for noticing who comes next at the bar and the order in which to serve them. You waving your €20 in their face will only serve to get on their nerves, and the nerves of the other customers beside you at the bar.

Never Click Your Fingers

Apart from being just downright rude this is another tactic that won’t get you served any faster. The bartender is not a dog, and treating them as such will only leave you high and dry and waiting even longer to be served.

Don’t Make Personal Comments

Unless the bartender is your sister or brother or something like that, keep the personal comments to yourself. No bar staff member wants to hear, “you should smile more”, especially at the end of a 10 hour shift on their feet. It is also unacceptable to comment on their clothing or hair choices etc.

Don’t Be Indecisive At The Bar

When you do finally get served please try not to take another 30 minutes deciding what you want to order. There is literally no excuse for waiting in line to be served and not having already made up your mind about what you want before you get to the top of the queue. This is infuriating to bar staff so, definitely don’t do this.

Don’t Stand In An Area That Is Marked As A Place You Won’t Get Served

And if you do, you better not be expecting to actually get served there. You see it all the time, the end corner of a bar has a little sign on it that clearly states “please do not stand here” or “you will not get served if you stand here”. Yet time and again you see people standing there, waving their tenners and clicking their fingers trying to get the attention of the bar staff. This is a dick move, don’t do it.


10 Things To Avoid If You Want Your Bartender To Like You Select Special
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Don’t Order One Minute Before Closing

Everyone heard the last orders bell 15 or 20 minutes ago. So did you. You just decided to squeeze that last bit of faith in humanity out of the bar tender for the night didn’t you? You don’t need it, you will have to down it, and your hangover won’t thank you for it in the morning, so why don’t you just leave it. The bar staff can’t clean up or actually, you know, go home until you do, so, be nice.

Don’t Ask For The Same Again Or The Usual

At least not unless you have already achieved the elusive ‘regular’ status. This is something that can’t be rushed. Just because you have been in a bar twice before doesn’t mean the bar staff will remember you. As much as you would like to think that you were the most interesting thing about their Saturday night last week, so does every other punter. This has to be earned, you don’t have a usual until the barman asks you the golden question: “Will ye have your usual?”.

Don’t Spill Drinks On The Bar

An obvious one really, and sometimes it can’t be helped, but just please try to be careful. They are busy enough without having to clean up messes outside or on the bar. Please, it makes the whole bar sticky and gross for hours afterwards, and nobody wants that.

Complaining About The Prices

Chances are the Bar Staff think drinks are too expensive too. They have literally nothing to do with pricing so it is entirely pointless to complain to them about how expensive your pint is. They can’t change it even if they wanted to.

Questioning Measures

Don’t do this. They are trained in how to pour the perfect drink. They even have little silver measuring cups to make sure they don’t give you the wrong amount. Just because you have had 12 Vodka Red Bulls before this one, and can no longer taste the alcohol in your drinks, does not mean the bar staff have put less into your drink. Although at this point, if you can’t taste it anymore, maybe you’ve had enough.


So there you have it, some top tips to avoid being ‘That Guy’ at the bar. Always be nice to bar staff, remember, you’ve just walked in for a good night out but they are at work, on their feet, and extremely busy. Give them a break and cut them some slack, you never know, next time you go in they might even have your usual ready for you by the time you get to the bar.